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A recent view of the Melbourne CBD taken from the Menzies biulding at Monash
reminds me of a fleet of battleships on the horizon

Hear Ye! Read 


the original genuine riot act of His Most Excellent Majesty George I,  1714

the riot act 

howto solder to aluminiumHow to

C13  LARKSPUR   wireless sender/reciever 

military radio schematics and EMER manual   

  including the User Manual and the EMER (Electrical Mechanical Engineering Regulations)

C11 LARKSPUR Transmitter/Sender  

schematics and manual   rescanned and digitally edited for clarity (ha!)

see  for the complete manual and better schematics

C45 and C42 LARKSPUR wireless sender/reciever 

my military radio schematics and manual extracts   rescanned and digitally edited for clarity

see also for the complete manual and better schematics  these pages contain only my hacks and notes
and my orginal unintelligible 13th generation photocopies

Wireless Set C42 / C45

Bryant and May Safety Match  box labels from the sixties. Who remembers ?
remember match box lables ? Here are matchbox labels I collected in the early sixties!

The care and feeding of the
Australian Southern Marbled Gecko

starring Godzilla-the-Gecko, our  finger tame reptile. 

Ray 'O Death
a high gain, reproducible antenna for 803.11b wireless networking

The Great Chelsea-Heights Refractor
A triumph of random optical and cardboard engineering
C13 The Wireless Set R5223 
An Australian made poor man's Larkspur.

The A618

naval radio

C13 complete radio with all control harnessclick me!

An actual working telescope made from random found optics
the wireless sender set C13 from the  Larkspur Series of millitary radio setswrite up, schematics and now the complete manual

this is not the same radio as the Murphy Radio 618CAS, many similarities, differant manufactures, differant mechanisms but some suspiciously similar circuitry. The Murphy Radio manuals are up on

for the discerning astronomer with no budget

at least the fully sealed die cast enclosure was Larkspur grade!

images and my reverse engineering notes and schematics

A618 page

The Porkman
 portable music player
for the hard of hearing and the wallet-content challenged
RCA BottlesThe AM broadcast band crystal set revisitedSir  John Monash
His chair, at Monash  University
thumb.rca806bottle.jpegthe chair of Sir John Monash
now why would anybody really want to do this ?RCA transmitting tube manual from 1942 why does  the world need yet another crystal set design ?more pics here!


An all valve Loran B reciever. I can tell not much more about it, this picture taken at the shack of VK3ASE
Loran B was a radio navigation system that was discontinued I think about 1980. This valve "computer" generated pips on an air radar set that "indicated" where you were. The circuit would appear to be a set of programmable delay lines which you turned until "something happened" or something was indicated on the radar display. You then read the dials and by referencing a chart you would know where you were.  Thats all I know about it and thats probably just a guess. Those of you that listened to the Hams late at night on 160 meters during the late seventies  would hear the rapid pulse like noise emanating from across the planet. These were loran B, a planet wide ship and aircraft hyperbolic navigation system. This apparutus is what decoded and displayed this data.  
the web pages of prominent Melbourne Radio Identity

Static Ram Chip testing machine using The Zero Bit Computer  microsequencer A Dynamic Ram testing machine
based on principles from the

The Zero Bit Computer  microsequencer
The Zero Bit Computer  
a novel microsquencer design that demonstrates a direct mapping from natural language to wired hardware
A rant by me bemoaning the sad way that TTL overcame the inherently superior ECL (emitter coupled logic) in the computer component industry

ECL is simply better
StaticRam Testing Machine
dynamic-ram-testing-machine    article is still being writtenWhy did the computer industry not converge on superior ECL technology ?

A simple and effective logic state analyser
reverse view,leds are all wirewrapped designed to be left running inside target machine extensive triggers and only 3 inches

Wood working for the practical Australian amatuer.
tools, conditions, material availablility in Melbourne Australia
over the top pc case modheirloom coffee tablevarious bookshelvesThe China Cabinet

Welder O' Doom
Next Generation
AC ammeter
The HP 5246L counterThe  Model 453 Tektronix Oscilloscope
the melt-formers grows up and gets a joba new design for an analog , self powered, self calibrating mains
AC Ammeter
it does not require an expensive moving iron instrument or active electronics
classic Hewlett Packard technology classic Tektronix technology

Articles and Designs  by Mr Laurie Baine  VK3SJ  
...featuring the Progressive Series Modulator and others as they come to hand
A day spent at National Manufacturing Week Exhibition in Melbourne 2015


a small quest for perpetual light
the truth finally revealedAutism Spectrum Disorder
my notes and comments on my third child's affliction
The artistic works of Master Tristan E Klimekthis is a
collection of favoured links
of mine that maybe of interest to other radio hams
The Saturn V Rocket Flight Manual
...the real actual thing..awesome no ifs, no buts!

This site is the best site for all millitary radio manuals

A tribute to Australia Posts Dead Letter Office

A parcel sent to the "Overseer of the Universe" finds its destination

How hot can the sun's rays get ?
Hot enough to make Boiling Lava !
A day well spent at National Manufacturing Week 2015

VK3ZZC has been flooded...(with water) in the wake of the southernmost tail of Cyclone Yazi Feb 2011 which reached as far south as Melbourne.  Lost a bit of stuff, some old friends have commenced their journey to landfill.  
Pictures and footage at 11 ,clicky clicky here!

How to measure  a surface mount component.  Picture is worth 10^3  words !

a homemade wide range LF to VHF sweep generator using MECLNow that you have learned how to cut glass, make a traditional glass kaleidoscopeA frequency counter based on the now unobtainable Intersil ICM7216 frequency counter chip

uses Motorola MC1658 MECL111 vco and novel ramp generator 

kaleidoscopewith original data sheet circa 1979

The General Radio Piggy. bulging electrolytic capacitors...arrgh!
General Radio quality ,Rolls-Royce grade construction, interesting wideband designAn analog computer is the basis for this
advanced RTTY demodulator
a rabid and livid rant about the latest method of enforcing planned obsolescence
my implementation of the ARRL transmatchA noise bridge for the measurement of complex impedance in the HF range
based on an  QST article from 1989
7 and 9 pin valve extenders for testing  in hard to get locations
L match ATU made from ancient found junkdrilling machine for thin metal flashingAn invincible army of Dalek drones irreversibly reduces all RF power to mere heat with this load of dummies
the shielded loop antenna

The slotted line apparatus

A tester for single-mode-9um-optical fibres
Tue Mar 15 16:39:25 EST 2016

very low insertion loss TR Relay
Mercury Relays
The piano lifter
a jack for shifting heavy furniture
I perform the moral equivalent of refloating a smelly whale, hugging a tree and lying in front of a bulldozer. I bought a solar cell to perform a
"usefull function" !

How  to recover  an old Ham Radio licence in Australia
fixing an EPSON CX-3700 ink jet printer
How to use analog VHF/UHF TV Tuner Modules
some thoughts about the practical measurement of inductance and Q  for the radio amatuer
Dude, where is my hover car ?
howto configure
1Q  trunking across an air gap using cisco wireless access points
howto "downgrade" a cisco LWAP into standalone autonomous mode
constant current generator for measuring low resistance  by the Kelvin Method
Metal-work for the Australia Radio Amatuer
wide band RF milliwatt meter using an Analog Devices AD640 Logarithmic Amplifierplease bid our new arachnid overlord welcome!
return loss bridgethumb.imgp6617-tuner.jpg
The Hewlett Packard model 411 RF millivolt meterthe simple and versatile return loss bridgean unusual  "coil-less"  atu,
 not using a roller or switched inductor

thumb.IMG_0844-hp6282.JPG restoration of the HP6282 laboratory power supply
thumb.IMG_0649-noise-generator.JPGa thermionic noise diode precision noise source
a little GPS satellite monitoring reciever
thumb.img_0712-6matu.jpga practical antenna tuner for the 6, 4 and 3 meter bands
thumb.img_0689-tx.jpga high power HF linear using old TV sweep tubes
a practical antenna tuner for the 2 Meter band  
(they do say that this is impossible !)
thumb.imgp8293-vector.jpgGot it going! And the probes work!  Just needed one dodgy fifty year old electrolytic capacitor replaced.  Built in 1966.  I was in Grade One back then. This would have cost a Princes' Ransom.
thumb.imgp8245-tc-scriber.jpgTungsten Carbide Scriber
thumb.imgp8205-2mlinear.jpgundergoing testing now....  a 50W linear amplifier for 2 meters  SSB by
re-purposing some old 2 meter FM "brick" class C  power bircks
thumb.imgp8170-rlb.jpga VHF UHF &  microwave L-Band  return loss bridge

Hurl your legacy SWR bridges into the dustbin today !
thumb.imgp8218-coupler.jpga precision
directional coupler
for SWR measuring and future VNA core
thumb.imgp8200-wwvrx.jpgnew !  a 10Mhz  timebase locked to WWV
using a unique self locking homodyne  regenerative 5 transistor reciever
thumb.imgp7044-gr857-osc.jpg restoration of a classic General Radio Model GR857 UHF Oscillator from 1944
wavetek 3000 The Wavetek 3000  signal generator
restoration project
thumb.imgp6946-kelvinprobes-2nd.jpgKelvin Probes
 for the measurement of extremely low resistances  this probe is good for 0.1 milliohms
thumb.imgp5431-160m-preamp.jpgPre-amp for 160m  shielded loop antenna
thumb.imgp6097-scope564.jpgThe Tektronix Model564 storage oscilloscope

Electronic nostalgia from the pages of Electronics Magazine
scanned advertisements that have "historic" or strictly personal significance
Reverse Engineering the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) VR299 RGB Monitor
A one zillion amp "12 volt" SM power supply as made for the VK3ZZC ham shack
imgp5010-rack-expander.jpga rack expander   to help fit recalcitrant equipment into so-called standard 19 inch racks
Make your own U Bolts ;  a simple U Bolt  bending machine
a 16.66 kilohertz transmitter
for wireless telegraphy to the four corners of the British Empire
built for the Post Office  in 1926 !
a reproducible short top loaded vertical for 160m and 80m
now in service !
 A 2 Kilo-Volt  EHT power supply 
thumb.imgp3690-big-variac-psu-2008.jpgyet another rather large PSU...0-70V range up to 20A output, variac controlled
thumb.imgp7590-impbridge.jpgThe Delta Electronics  OIB-2 antenna impedance bridge
thumb.imgp5539-70cms-yagi-onna-stick.jpgyet another  reproducible 11 element yagi antenna for 70 cms ham band
thumb.imgp5802-gplane.jpgThe Organ Pipes
A MultiBand Groundplane Antenna.   A New Design is claimed

assorted boat anchor manuals of interest to other radio hams
thumb.img_0901-r218-frontispiece.jpgThe Siemens  R218 Impedance and Admittance Bridge
thumb.imgp7653-ft620.jpgThe FT620  SSB and AM transceiver for the 6 Meter amatuer band
imgp3056-kenwood-tr2400-picture-of-unit.jpgThe Kenwood TR2400 handheld 144Mhz amatuer band transceiver
thumb.imgp3142-trio-scope.jpgmanual and schematic for TRIO 1650A oscilloscope
thumb.imgp3255-starphone.jpgThe ITT STARPHONE a 70s' vintage  UHF FM transceiver for 450-470Mhz
imgp4994-mtr25.jpgThe STC  model MTR25-151 hi band vhf FM transciever and conversion for 2M amatuer service
thumb.img_0509-hm-horor-mitters.jpgFinally, after nearly 40 years I document the  Horror-Mitters

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(anything said in Latin sounds important)

           Fri Oct  2 12:19:57 EST 2020

a day at the McLelland outdoor art gallery, Franskton
guess where I was working today ?
view of the accelerator and storage ring of the
Australian Synchrotron
The infamous masonite clipboard and "Klaww" my helping han and biro holder
Cower,  Mere Mortals , with zis I shall take over ze vurld !

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