A 2KiloVolt  EHT power supply
by VK3ZZC a project started in 2010 now wearily trudging its way to completion.
still under construction. maybe this will be completed when I retire and actually have a use for it ! I needed to biuld this so I could learn about the care and feeding of seriously high voltage.

and so the project begins. The variac is a requirement. Oz Hams ARE restricted to 150Watts input.will all the bits actually fit in the designated box ?this is the power transformer. It is on wheels. Its big, real big. 1.4KV 4A secondary . Seriously ? It was free.
you cannot control that which you cannot measure. The PSU will labor in a remote and dusty corner. This will be the control head.this was a little hand drawn PCB to house the 3A 1000V diodes. The tube of resistors will be a voltage meter dropper.  MOV string to protect the diodesthe PSU will be power inrush sequenced to provide orderly startup and remote emergency/fault shutdown
I have been saving these large 200V electros for years for just thisthis stack gives me about 24UF at 2.4KVwas this the inspiration ? Maybe. Oz VK Hams will get 1Kw privileges.. One day.

I promise to be very carefull.