The ITT starphone UHF FM miniature transceiver for 450-470 Mhz service.

This little radio first appeared early on the surplus market at about 1983 in the Melbourne  and was then available for very little cost. I think I purchased mine about 1984 for all of thirty dollars.  It has provision for 6 crystal locked chanels. It is a pre PLL synthesis classical crystall locked phase modulated and muliplied up to UHF type of transmitter.  It must have been one of the last of its kind because the commercial communications market quickly moved over to PLL designs as customers were naturally reluctant to pay the high price for cutting dedicated crystals.  I think the WIA was selling them in bulk, but I cant remember for sure. There are still many in operational condition. I heard at the time that the CFA had used them but were dissappointed with the range and let them go in a mass culling, but I cannot verify that idea.

The power output is a nominal 10 ten watts but I think in practice the average output was about half that. The RF front end was as good as late seventies technology permitted and they did benefit from a change of transistor to something hotter like an MRF901.  I used mine extensively on the upper end of the 70cm amatuer band where they could be easily retuned to.  There are still a number of these sets still on the air, their conservative design and thoughtfull layout have given them extended life. I have still seen these for sale at hamfests at bargain prices.

Here is the cleaned up photocopy of the schematics. There is no manual, tuneup and theory of operation is self evident.   The manufacturer was ITT. The only indicator was a decal which had parted company with  my set, there is no other clue.


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