In praise of Australia Post  Dead Letter Office.

This is the address label of a parcel sent to me by a collegue on a differant campus. It was meant to go through the internal mail system  but accidently went to the the EXTERNAL real postal system. It would have reached me without further ado via internal mail.  It beats me how Australia Post got this to me BUT THEY DID !!!  All glory laud and honor to the dead letter office!

They had a senders address to which this parcel should have been returned to. There is no way that "they" would know where I worked, unless you believe in conspiracy theories.  The parcel arrived within two weeks. Interestingly,  it contained a Terry Pratchett book, this could explain a thing or two.

Disclaimer, despite what the label claims I am not, or have been or aspire to be The Overseer of the Universe!