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  I am the Chief Examiner (CE) of the following units:

  • FIT5137 (Database Analysis and Processing)
  • FIT3003 (Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing)
  • FIT1004 (Database Management)

Teaching Awards:

  • 2016 Faculty of IT Honours Supervision Award
  • 2012 Faculty of IT Teaching Excellent Award
  • 2009 Faculty of IT Teaching Excellent Award for Postgraduate Teaching
  • 2008 Faculty of IT Teaching Excellent Award for Postgraduate Teaching (Inaugural Award)

Practical Projects (for Monash students only):

  If you like databases and would like to study more of databases, but are not ready to pursue a higher research degree (PhD), then you might want to try taking up a directed study, or conducting some database experiments, or building up a database application. The following are some samples of past students' projects:

  • Directed studies:
    • GoogleMap (donwload pdf)
    • Oracle Spatial (donwload pdf)
    • Oracle DBA (donwload pdf)
    • Oracle Parallel (donwload pdf)

  • Experimentations:
    • Oracle XML (donwload pdf)
    • Oracle Object-Relational (donwload pdf)
    • Oracle SQL (donwload pdf)

  • Application developments:
    • Mobile database system (donwload pdf)
    • Web database system (donwload pdf)
    • Parallel database system (donwload pdf)
  Directed studies and experimentations would prepare you for a research course, whereas application developments would normally not.

  Currently, I have a project on spatial databases, involving GML, GoogleMap, VisualEarth, etc. If you are creative, excellent in programming, and have a HD average, you might want to consider doing a project as part of your course at Monash.

For Prospective Research Students:

  If you are interested in becoming a PhD student, please send me an email to discuss your plan.




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