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Numerical Models of Fluid Flow through Crustal Rocks

Roberto Weinberg, Monash University, Australia



Copyright 2005-2009 by Roberto Weinberg. All rights reserved. Unlimited permission to copy or use is hereby granted for non-profit driven enterprise subject to inclusion of this copyright notice and my World Wide Web URL: We would very much appreciate an email stating how this material will be used. Thanks, RW.


This page is the entry point for several pages which show the results of some numerical models of porous fluid flow through stressed crustal systems



  • Influx of pressurized fluids into stressed rocks

  • Pore Pressure Diffusion
  • Pumping of fluids through shear zones
  • Strain incompatibility during shearing
  • Shear bands: dilation and friction angle
  • Shear bands and fluid flow
  • Shear bands in layered materials
  • Role of impermeable layers in controling crustal fluid flow