Peter Vadiveloo

Peter has been playing drums and percussion for over 35 years. However, his neighbours want to know if maybe he can give it a rest for a day or 2.

A self-made man who worships his creator, he began his musical career in a one-man band.   However, the group split up shortly after due to personality clashes.   His rap album 'A Plain Brown Rapper' was an attempt to get a hit CD but, unfortunately, it broke when he hit it.

He has played a wide variety of styles including rock and roll, modern jazz, R&B, funk, orchestral, Irish, folk, West African, South American, North to Alaska and East of Eden.   Peter has also danced with both West African and Western dance ensembles, though he kept tripping over his drum kit.

As an actor, singer, dancer and musician, he has appeared in numerous musical theatre shows.   However, police have requested that, in future, he arrange these appearances in advance with the theatrical troupes concerned.   A torch singer with a flat battery, he sang with the Australian Boy's Choir. (Although his attempts to sing with the Australian Girls' Choir were very earnest and persistent, he was unsuccessful.)   Also, Peter also runs percussion workshops that can't be beat.

Distinctions: World Amateur Kelp Hanging Champion 1997.

Musical influences: Shame Warne and Liz Hurley.

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