Ernie Gruner

Ernie is an eclectic (240v) musician who has played in many styles: strong quartets, sympathy orchestras, coral societies, rhythm & jews, country & eastern, muddle of the road, jatz, sole, Skittish, Irush, Geek, bash music, butcher shop quintets - and more. (He is also a master of the word processor.)   A passionate and emotional player, he weeps at the sound of a minor chord.

In response to Bob Hawke's calls, "Let's make Australia into the Klezmer country" and "No musician should be living in poverty by the year 2000", Ernie has undrtaken a personal mission to restore Klezmer music to its rightful place in Australia pop culture.   Armed only with a fiddle and a pair of dynamic eyebrows, he has awed supermarket shoppers from the dairy cabinet to the fresh fruit section.   There's an old gypsy saying .... but, unfortunately, Ernie can't remember it at the moment.

Ernie started his stage career playing the musical saw, later forming a group and playing the band saw. (A short cut way to the top.)   His career highs include playing in a 'cherry picker' way above the crowd at the Victorian Arts Centre; a career low was when he and his violin were rejected from the Women's Ethnic Balinese Pensioners' Brass Band - on the grounds of relevance.

Musical influences: Joshua & the Hot Club de Jericho and Harmonica Lewinsky.

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