Jugularity presented a perfect mix of musicianship, humour and ridiculous tailoring to the University of Melbourne's annual Deans and Heads conference.   They judged the occasion with skill and wit, producing a performance thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Prof Glyn Davis, Vice Chancellor, Uni of Melbourne, Vic
... the final concert was closed off with what we call an "ugly".   This is when most, if not all, of the musicians who were feature guests at the festival play together on the stage.   And what a rousing time it was too!   With Jugularity (an Australian band) leading the song it was like going on a rollercoaster ride around Piccadilly Circus.   What a joy!
Remco de Ket, blogger, Wellington Folk Festival, NZ
Witty, zany and an extremely popular jug band.   JUGULARITY are a great exponent of this lively style.
Bill Hauritz, Woodford Folk Festival, Qld
Jugularity matches the claim ... others fail on.   You are truly the closest to a one band festival - able to perform very effectively in the Childrens Program, the Parade, the Comedy Concert, the Dance, the Wine or Guinness Bar and for adult concerts plus workshops and sessions.   What more could a festival organiser want??   ... one of the most successful and entertaining bands to perform at Port Fairy, many times now.   Many times because we know you are very reliable, professional, very colourful, versatile and give 200% with never a complaint or problem.
Dr Jamie McKew, Director Port Fairy Folk Festival, Vic
"The Jugs", they are kind of daggy, kind of cool.
A fan
They perform for children and adults and are said to scare animals.   Known affectionately as 'the Jugs', they are renowned for colour, humour, instrumental skills and ... madness.
ArtsWest Magazine, WA
Jugularity worked hard and must be recognised as the best ingredient for an Australian event of any kind.   They were brilliant.
Cygnet Folk Festival, Tas
This band can only be described as indescribable.
National Folk Festival, Canberra, ACT
... a fabulous evening of music.
Kingston Arts Centre, Melbourne, Vic
20 years in the industry and still enjoying it.   They are all they claim to be.   Great talented musicians who really know how to entertain.
Berwick and District (BAD) Folk Club, Vic
Your performance is the best thing that has happened in Ruffy in a long time.   ... Ruffy will never be the same again.
School of Arts, Ruffy, Vic
We greatly enjoyed the contribution JUGULARITY made - and there's been lots of positive feedback about a great family night.
Lauriston Girls School, Melbourne, Vic
A brilliant farewell concert stolen by JUGULARITY - the hit band of the weekend.
Toodyay Festival, WA
The 'Giggle and Wriggle' show was a great hit with the children.   Jugularity put on an exciting and energetic performance - the children just loved it.
Coburg Children's Centre, Melbourne, Vic
Everyone enjoyed the band and the committee was also delighted that nobody dropped dead from the rather energetic dancing.
Medical Conference Dinner Dance, Melbourne, Vic
I might be drrrunk, but I rrreckon you guys are grrreat!!!!
Over-bibulous audient
Talented, funny, and highly professional, this team is constantly in demand.
Apollo Bay Music Festival, Vic
JUGULARITY were a huge success at our Australasian Risk Management Unit launch.   Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their unique entertainment style and especially the song 'Risk Management'.   JUGULARITY were one of the highlights of the evening.
Australasian Risk Management Unit
I have to congratulate you on your level of freshness, although the songs are well rehearsed and you've probably sung/played them a zillion times (in-fact they'll probably roll through your mind in your last minutes.... which I'm sure is decades away...) you gentlemen still perform them with an impro/unpredictable manner!
Audience member, Selby Folk Club, Vic
Swinging, singing, bluesy, gypsy, comedy, jug band cabaret - a complete festival on eight legs!
Fairbridge Festival, WA
A nice bunch of guys!   Just the type of people you'd like to invite around to dinner, though you'd probably need a lot of Alka Seltzer afterwards.
A festival organiser (name withheld by request) Melbourne, Vic
Thank you for your excellent performances at Hamilton Arts Festival.
Hamilton Arts Festival Director, Vic