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  • Jugularity plays an energetic mix of folk, jazz, blues, lounge, rap and gypsy music in a comedy-cabaret style.
  • Jugularity - bravissimo bass, fantabulous fiddling, grandiloquent guitar, pulsating percussion and verisimilitudinous vocals.   Different, but kind of cool!
  • Jugularity is versatile - performing in concert or as roving minstrels (carbon neutral) or calling folk/bush dances or doing kids' shows.
  • Jugularity is available for all manner of functions: festivals, fashion parades, weddings, divorces (half price if they played the wedding), open for inspections, wine tastings and other intimate occasions.
  • Jugularity is based (rhythm-ed & lead-ed) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Jugularity's latest CD weighs only 0.125kg.
          Great show!   Are you blokes musicians?         Audient, Orbost, Vic.
          Excellent! I was expecting MUCH less.           Frank, Charlton Vic.


Greatest Hats:
In a Jugular Vein / Lively