Pt Fairy Festival
Blank row
Tracks - Unjugged!
  1. Wild about my Lovin’
  2. Kiss of Fire
  3. Fate Train
  4. Bobcat Shuffle/Dancing Bear
  5. Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird
  6. Piping MacTilda
  7. Waltzing MacTilda
  8. Shaving Blues
  9. Ernesto's Serenade/Bubak & Hungaricus
  10. Juggling Time
  11. Jug Rap
  12. Fate Train (Flinders St Railway Station Remix)

Big House Live

Greatest Hats
In a Jugular Vein / Lively
Blank row

"Like the listeners, I thoroughly enjoyed your CD and your refreshingly irreverent approach to your craft.   I'm sure you're even more entertaining on stage!"
Radio Australia

"... reminds me of a couple of Canadian groups, 'Moxie Fruvous' and 'The Arrogant Worms', not so much in their sound, as their irreverent take on things.   It must be an ex-colonial mindset."
Listener, Montreal, Quebec

"Inverted sense of humour!"
Another Canadian listener

"Really worth the wait.   Of course I like the fiddle stuff the best, but that's expected isnt it?"
Judy Turner, Melbourne fiddler

"This band serves up their tunes with energy and humor."
Readings Bookshop (Melbourne) 'Bookletter'

"Sense of engagement and fun ... takes you back in time with a sound that is essentially timeless."
Victorian Folklife Association newsletter, Winter 2001

"Ten out of ten, I enjoyed it immensely and it will certainly be part of my CD collection.   Stephan Grapelli can lie easy in his grave now that Ernie Gruner has taken up the bow.   In this recording, is the Skiffle of my misspent youth, the Blues of my twenties and the Folk of my middle age.   The vocal harmonies are extremely good and Jugularity play as if they are really enjoying themselves, in places it sounds like old time music hall.   This is a well-organised, tight band who have taken on all styles of music and emerged successful into the sunlit uplands of comedy.   In their blurb it states - 'beyond fusion to confusion' - very well put, the only confusion being where will they go next.   Their pseudo Scotttish accent in MacTilda would make Bobbie Burns squirm in his cairn, but to me, a Pom, it sounded authentic enough.   Shaving Blues was a hit with me but it was hard to pick a track that I enjoyed over any other, which really says it all about this CD.   A well thought out recording and one that I will go back to time after time."
Jack Chapman, 'Cornstalk Gazette' (NSW Folk Federation newsletter), October 2001

"I have listened to the whole Jugularity CD, and enjoyed much of it."
Mr R.B. of Hampton, Vic.

"Thanks for...'Unjugged'...when your CD gave me welcome relief from the hip-hop-death-metal-house-etc-etc stuff that was on air at the time.   It's a fun album, giving a good indication of the high energy and high enjoyment present at a Jugularity gig."
Bruce Cameron 2MCE-FM

"Who let the dog out?"
The Baha Men

"I did not have inappropriate relations with that band!"
Bill Clinton

"IT'S BIG!!!"
Mr Benjamin Hur

"I'm sorry - that they did it!"
Prime Minister John Howard

"They are the missing link! Go buy!"
Cornelia Frances, The Weakest Link

"All right. I'll have the dead, unjugged rabbit fish."
Monty Python

"Unjugged? Please explain!"
Pauline Hanson

"It seems to be based around a very fragile ego-system."
Senator Bob Brown



VIDEO: total playing time 5:12

Live at the Cockatoo Cafe