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Tracks - Big House Live!
  1. Indecisive
  2. Monkey with a Typewriter
  3. Matthew Flinders
  4. Matilda  Mon Amour
  5. Bobcat Shuffle / Dancing Bear
  6. Jug Rap
  7. Peter's Blues
  8. Ageing Folkie
  9. Great Pickup Lines #1-600
  10. Sway
  11. You Sexy Thing
  12. Just a Gigolo
  13. I Say, I Say

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In a Jugular Vein / Lively
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Big House - Jugularity - CD review by Chris Spencer
... this is Jugularity's fourth album.   Recorded live, this album provides a good introduction to the band and the type of music the band performs. They are entertainers and there was much to amuse me on this CD.   They use different genres, such as jug music, folk, blues, jazz, gypsy, country and pop to bring many a smile to my face.

Some of the tracks you will enjoy include Indecisive; Monkey with a Typewriter - a criticism of reporters; Matthew Flinders a parody based on a popular Handel air, [I particularly liked the line 'Matthew Flinders wanted to get into the social study books']; while Matilda mon Amour is a French version of Waltzing Matilda, with some amusing French language cliches.   Bobcat Shuffle/Dancing Bear is an instrumental while Sway is another non-funny song!   Despite being recorded live, there is minimal intrusion of the crowd, except for some applause.   On another track, there is some smart repartee with members of the audience.   Jug Rap is a humourous send up of rap and hip hop and similarly Peter's Blues has a go at the whole blues genre! Ageing Folkie has a few injokes for the folk enthusiast.   Great Pickup Lines uses the country tune of the Bellamy Brothers to get a few laughs, while I never thought I'd hear Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing on a folk CD!   Jugularity keep the 'integrity' - depending on your opinion - of the song, while sending up the disco genre and getting in a few jokes.

Jugularity - Big House Live! - Review by Ian Dearden
An unholy collision of comedy cabaret with jugband, folk, blues, jazz, gypsy, country and rap music, Jugularity captured the essence of their live show in a single take at The Big House, Melbourne ... .   It was such an impressive performance that the venue has since closed down!

Proudly proclaiming "no overdubs", this CD captures the polyglot essence of the band in full flight.   With Ernie Gruner on fiddle, harmonica and recorder, Gavan McCarthy on bass, Bruce Stephens on vocals and guitar, and Peter Vadiveloo on vocals and percussion, these guys have the comic skills (performance and writing) and the musicianship to carry off this high wire act.

From "Matilda mon Amour" (which provides a surprising insight into the apparent French origins of Australia's unofficial national anthem), to the secrets of the blues ("Peter's Blues"), a touching insight into geriatric folksingers, which manages to namecheck Eric Bogle ("Ageing Folkie"), and some tips on commencing a new (carnal?) relationship ("Great Pickup Lines #1-600"), Jugularity have it all!   Just when you think you've had enough, they wheel out the "Bobcat Blues", which shows off Ernie Gruner's chops as one of Australia's top gypsy jazz fiddlers.   Finally, enjoy Track 13, which is a tribute to the art of digitally cutting up a performance to hilarious effect (well, the introductions, at any rate!)

If you haven't seen Jugularity yet, this is an excellent introduction.   If you have seen them, it's an opportunity to capture some of that magic and store it at your house.