Gavan McCarthy

Gavan commenced his musical education with a brief and undistinguished period of piano study in the mid-1960s.   At the age of 15, opportunistic study of the double bass secured him a place in the school orchestra and the Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) Memorial Award for Blank Facial Expressions While Playing a Musical Instrument.

After leaving school he joined the Melbourne Youth Orchestra and later the Youth Strings of Melbourne, until he lost his youth and became youth-less.   At this time he also became interested in other forms of music including Chinese opera stagings of Country and Western classics and famous Top 40 double bass solos.

Despite a BA (Hons) in music composition at Latrobe University, an AMEB 7th grade Double Bass (or was it 14th grade Single Bass?) certificate, a Graduate Diploma in CapPuccini from a highly steamed Italian university and a VideoBusters Gold Membership, he was determined to continue playing music.   In the 1980s, he worked with the contemporary music group LIME, the Melbourne Musicians and the jazz trio Smooth Muse.

More recently, Gavan has remained musically confused - performing with a large number of groups in a wide variety of styles - but is currently working (You call this work?) with Jugularity, The Kwela Swingsters, The Bruce Brothers, The Austrian Choir and the Tibetan Glee Club.

Musical influences: Sharon Stone and Skippy.

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