Bruce Stephens

Bruce came from a very musical family: his mother mimed in the Sunday School choir, his brother played twin-carby, overhead cam cassette deck and his father played golf.   Bruce's musical talent was discovered at an early age when his parents found him playing on the linoleum.   From here he graduated to saucepans and non-stick frypans, ultimately being honoured in school music classes with a prize for playing the wooden spoon.

After that, it was all downhill.   Bruce has performed as a vocalist, guitarist, compere, dance caller, raconteur, punster, chorister, kid's performer and drum major in a wide variety of musical settings - from a chook shed (with chooks) to the Sydney Opera House (no surtitles for the puns).   Career highlights include sharing a dressing room and seeing Humphrey Bare, being the 'light entertainment' in an un-illuminated park after dark, and being in a band that everyone left except for him.

Some have described him as a self-made man, though it seems that there must have been a shortage of building materials at the time.  As a lyricist, he has been very lyrical.   He has managed several of the bands in which he has been a member, and has managed to remain a member of several of the bands he has managed.   He is a person with a great story for every occasion, though, once you've heard it ... .   "His jokes are such an effective counterpoint to the humour of the rest of the band," said a recent audience member.

Says Bruce, "The secret of being a good performer is honesty.   If you can fake that, then you've got it made."

Musical influences: Mick Jugger and Juggo Reinhardt.
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