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Research Students - Past and Present

Current PhD Students

Arunodi Abeyrathne - Topic yet to be determined
Suranj Rathnayaka - Effect of pressure transient in water pipe failure
Tanvirul Islam - An Improved Volume Change Framework for Compacted Unsaturated Soils
Will Darlington - Investigating of strength deformability and failure of mechanisms of rock slopes in large open pit mines

Current Masters Students

Yang Ao - Soil-Pipe interaction in offshore pipelines embedded on seabed
Mengzi Sun - Interaction between clay, carbon nanotubes and water

PhD Students Recently Submitted

M. Senthilkumar - Modelling of offshore Pipe-Clay seabed interaction in axial direction
Ben Shannon - Fracture Propagation of Cohesive Soils under Tension and Desiccation Cracking
Derek Chan - Study of the interaction of soil and climate in buried water and gas reticulation pipes

Completed Postgraduate Students

Sasika Wijesooria - Modelling of desiccation cracking in compacted clay liners (PhD)
Samintha Perera - Effect of carbondioxide sequestration on coal hydro-mechanical properties (PhD)
Kok Yun Lee - Continuous deterioration modelling of road pavement performance (PhD)
Nurses Kurucuk - Compaction modelling in unsaturatred granular materials (PhD)
Scott Gould - A study of the failure of buried reticulation pipes in reactive soils (PhD)
Tony Matacin - A study on unbound granular pavement moisture response due to climatic influences (Masters)
Derek Chan - Performance of water and gas pipes buried in reactive soil (Masters)
Mobashwera Kabir - Long-term impact study for climate change in the shallow unconfined groundwater recharge in Ranger uranium mine (PhD)
Susanga Costa - Study of desiccation cracking and fracture properties of clay soils (PhD)
Matthew Wightwick - Improvement of the performance of water-sensitive geomaterials using hydrophobic additives (PhD)
Hani Nahlawi - Experimental and numerical investigation of the unsaturated hydraulic behaviour of geotextiles (PhD)
Joel Gniel - An investigation into ground improvement using geogrid encased stone columns (PhD)
Alex Wilkinson - Stabilisation of railway subgrades by lime slurry pressure injection (PhD)
Mahitha Cherukuvada - Simulated performance of earthen cover layers under various climatic conditions (Masters)
Sina Avsar - Geostatistical analysis of municipal solid waste settlement stiffness and unit weight (PhD)
Kok Yun Lee - Stabilisation of marginal material scoria as a road base material (Masters)
Kong Kee Ho - Numerical modelling of tapered piles in Melbourne mudstone (Masters)
Lee Kah Ying - Numerical analysis of piles loaded laterally by structural forces or moving soil (Masters)
Srijib Chakarabarti - Shrinkage behaviour of cementitiously stabilised crushed basaltic rocks as applicable to pavement rehabilitation (PhD)
Hani Nahlawi - Desiccation cracking and evaporation behaviour of reactive clay soils (Masters)
Tan Su Wong - Improving the reliability of low strain integrity testing interpretation (Masters)
Fashiur Rahman - Hydraulic conductivity and chemical compatibility of some Victorian soils used as liners for waste containment (PhD)
Gavin Mudd - Solute transport modelling of Latrobe Valley ash waste disposal sites (PhD)

Research Fellows - Past and Present

Postdoctorate Research Assistants - Present

Pathmanathan Rajeev - Research Fellow
Dilan Robert - Research Fellow

Postdoctorate Research Assistants - Past

Aruna Amarasiri - Research Fellow
Chaminda Gallage - Research Fellow