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Jayantha Kodikara - Projects


  • Modelling of desiccation and load induced fracture in clay
  • Modelling of unsaturated soil behaviour
  • Modelling of soil-atmosphere interaction
  • Measurement of fracture properties of clay and rock
  • Modelling of fracture in rock subject to fluid and geostatic pressure
  • Measurement and modelling of interfaces including rock-joint behaviour

    Applications in Infrastructure Resilience

  • Prediction of failure of buried water pipelines
  • Management and prediction of pipe bursts (MAPPS)
  • Axial response of seabed pipelines
  • Application of trenchless technologies to pipeline rehabilitation
  • Climate change effects on geo-infrastructure
  • Design and performance prediction of unbound road pavements
  • Design and performance prediction of cement treated road pavements
  • Use of fibre optics to monitor geo-structures and pipelines
  • Use of thermal imager for civil engineering applications
  • Intelligent compaction control