Student support

The CMSA has allocated a small amount of money to assist students who live outside Melbourne to attend the conference. Applicants should ask their academic supervisor to e-mail a letter of support to The letter should state

a) brief details of the student's academic status and progress.

b) expenses that will be borne by the student in attending 35ACCMCC.

c) all other sources of funding that the student can draw on.

d) whether the student will be presenting a talk at 35ACCMCC (preference may be given to students presenting a talk).

The money will be divided amongst the applicants at the discretion of the conference organisers. The allocation will be decided closer to the conference time and money will given to the students while at the conference. It will definitely not cover all expenses, and should be seen as a contribution only (the amount per student will likely be of the order of one or two hundred dollars, but does depend on demand).