Abstract submission

Abstracts are due by 11 Nov 2011.

To submit an abstract please perform the following steps.

1. Download the files cmsa-abs.sty and absSurname.tex, saving them both to the same place.
2. Rename "absSurname.tex" to "absXxxx.tex", where Xxxx is your surname.
3. Edit "absXxxx.tex", following the instructions contained as comments in the file.
4. Run LaTeX on "absXxxx.tex" to check that it compiles correctly and that you are happy with the result.
5. Email "absXxxx.tex" (only the .tex file, please) to 35accmcc@monash.edu, using the appropriate subject line out of "contributed abstract", "invited abstract", or "student abstract" (use the last if your talk will be eligible for the CMSA Student Prize).