Registration for 35ACCMCC is in two independent parts. You need to do both.

Part 1 is us collecting some basic information, which you type into this form.

Part 2 is payment. This is done by clicking on this link to the Monash University e-cart system. You will need to create an account on the system (but that only requires putting in your name, email address and choosing a password; all other questions can be ignored).

With the e-cart you can choose the items you want and then "check-out", paying by credit card. The items are conference registration, accommodation, extra dinner tickets, and tickets to the excursion. They can be purchased all at once, or over the course of several visits to the site.

In order to pay, you need to know the following information. There are two things that affect how much your registration fees will be:

When paying your registration it is also possible to pay for accommodation at Mannix College. Other accommodation options are listed here but you will need to book those directly yourself.

You can also buy extra tickets to the conference dinner (one ticket is included with every registration) and tickets to the conference excursion (the excursion is NOT included in the registration fee).

N.B. One or two people have experienced problems completing the online payment. This can be because your browser has pop-ups blocked or is not accepting the certificate sent from Monash. If you have trouble, try different security settings, a different browser or a different computer. And of course, if you encounter any problems with the registration or payment process, you can also contact the organisers at