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Paper microfluidics
Functional printing
Surface engineering
Printing science
Paper sizing

  Paper and thread microfluidic diagnostics for chemical and biological analysis
This research group applies printing expertise to fabrication of low-cost sensors for chemical and biological analysis

Functional printing for tissue engineering and bioactive paper

This research group focuses on using printing to functionalize electrospun nano-fibre scaffolds for manipulating neurite outgrowth in collaboration with Dr John Forsythe from the Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University.

  Surface engineering for wetting, adhesion and pharmaceutical applications

This research group has projects in liquid wicking in V-grooves, adhesion aspects in fluid transfer and spreading of hydrophobic powders on liquid surface or liquid marble in collaboration with Dr Karen Hapgood.


Printing science, ink transfer fundamentals and ink paper interactions

The interests of this research group are in the area of lithographic offset printing, waterless offset printing, ink jet printing, flexographic printing and ink-paper interaction.


Paper sizing and superhydrophobic paper

This research group has a current research project on superhydrophobic paper and paper sizing. The group has identified five possible spreading mechanisms in the initial stage of sizing.


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