How to Apply
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Email us with the following information as an attachment


Curriculum Vitae/Resume (well presented)


Academic transcript of results (listing all your marks/grades)

Please note that your CV/Resume should highlight the following


If you have received awards during your degree(s) please ensure you highlight the importance of the awards in your application (e.g. "Awarded to the top 1% of graduating student", "Awarded to the top 5% of students during academic year" etc.)


For any publications you have written, it is essential to highlight information such as, "Impact Factor", "Journal Ranking", "International Peer Reviewed", "ISSN or ISBN number" etc. for any publications. Also highlight your contribution to the paper (e.g. 60% contribution, listed as 1st Author), written in English, international standing etc].


Placement within graduating class (if possible).
Written confirmation from your Head of Department of any University you attended of your placement in your graduating year (e.g. graduated 1st out of 120 students)

If you are accepted and asked to apply you will also be required to supply the following


Referees reports
Names of two (2) referees to provide a written report regarding your research, study and work abilities. Please include their fax number, email address, and telephone number so the Department can contact them. Or you can as your referees to send the
referees reports to our Fax: +61 3 990 53413.


Research proposal


Passport with photo (this page only)

All candidates must be able to satisfy the following
English criteria. Students that are accepted into APPI are awarded a scholarship for living and a scholarship to cover the tuition fees during their study time.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Send mail to Wei.Shen@eng.monash.edu.au with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 02/24/10