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Feb 2017: Phantom SPH code now public!.

Nov. 2013: I am now a Future Fellow, having been awarded a 4-year research fellowship from the Australian Research Council in the 2013 round. Am delighted!

I will be lecturing on SPH at the IMPRS summer school on computational astrophysics in Heidelberg, Germany, Sep 10-14th, 2012.

20th March 2012: New Scientist Article on our recent paper - "Hungry black holes eat two courses at once"

Links to collaborators:

Matthew Bate
Giuseppe Lodato
Rebecca Nealon
Chris Nixon
Christoph Federrath
Guillaume Laibe
Terry Tricco
Hauke Worpel

ASP2062 Introduction to Astrophysics

The main information for this course is on moodle. I've posted my notes here mainly so they can be found on the internet and therefore re-used by others. Please let me know if you have any comments or feedback.

Lecture notes

Problem sheets

Daniel Price, August 2015