^CSE2304^   [plan]

CSE2304, semester 1, 2006

Notes index: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20], [22], [24]
NB. Numbers do not necessarily match lecture numbers exactly.
A printed version of the notes is available at the bookshop.

Will change. Check regularly!

Lecture [timetable] shows Tuesday 11.00am (24/S5), Wednesday 2.00pm (11/H1), as of 12 February.
Tutorials: for impenetrable reasons, allocate+ may refer to tutorials as 1-hour practicals 'mn-P2'.
Consultation: [Help-room] or after the Tuesday and Thursday lectures @ the lecture theatres; also see `when and where' on the [home-page].
Book: The bookshop has supplies of the recommended text book as of 27-Feb, but there may be a gap in supplies until mid March.

Week 1, starts Monday 27 February

Week 2, starts Monday 6 March, [Prac0]

From Admin: "[The] practical on Thurs at 3pm (05-P1) & Wed at 1pm (05-P2) has been cancelled. [If affected] please log in to Allocate+ & choose an alternative time. We apologise for any inconvenience." 6/3/06

Week 3, starts Monday 13 March, [Tute1]

The algorithm at [Wff] can be used to check answers to tute1 Q1.
You should have prepared, or be preparing, [prac1] for next week.

Week 4, starts Monday 20 March, [Prac1]

Time to start preparing [Prac2].

Week 5, starts Monday 27 March, [Tute2]

Solutions to tute-1 and tute-2 are on the 2nd-year notice board, bldg-75 --4/4/2006.
Some [feedback] on prac-1.

Week 6, starts Monday 3 April, [Prac2]

Week 7, starts Monday 10 April, [Tute3]

11/4/2006 Google has bough the rights to an [.au algorithm] from the UNSW School of Computer Science. And, of course, google is famous for its [PageRank] algorithm.

-- NB. Easter Friday 14 - Sunday 23 April --

Week 8, starts Monday 24 April [no prac or tute this week]

Hints to prac3 may be added [here(click)].
[Tute5] has been revised.

Week 9, starts Monday 1 May, [Prac3]

Week 10, starts Monday 8 May, [Tute4]

The top- and medium-level [plan's progress] as of week-10.
[Seminar] Computational Methods to Understand Cancer, Sarah Boyd, Thurs, 1pm, 75/G55.

Week 11, starts Monday 15 May, [Prac4]

Week 12, starts Monday 22 May, [Tute5]

Thurs 25th, 1pm, 75/G55: [Prior Convictions] by Steve Gardner. All invited.

Week 13, starts Monday 29 May, [Prac5]


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