This is an annotated Computer Science bibliography of about 10,000 references. The main topics are computer algorithms, inductive inference (II), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer programming languages, functional programming (FP) & logic programming (LP), and bioinformatics, although many other references are also included. World wide web links are given where possible. (There is also Alf-Christian Achille's (huge) Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies [here].)

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Lists of some of the more common keywords are given below. I try to be consistent - but do not always achieve it.


algorithm, approximate, automaton, AVL, complexity, compress, compression, coset, delete, divide and conquer, dynamic programming algorithm DPA, edit distance, factor, find, finite state machine FSM, game, Gibbs sampling, graph, group, heuristic, insert, insitu, isomorphism, longest common subsequence LCS, match, matching, merge, MML, Monte-Carlo, network, NP, NPC, n-queens, pattern, permutation, permute, play, polyominoe, prefix, primality, prime, problem, program, puzzle, queue, random, random number generator RNG, recursion, recursive, search, selection, sequence, simulated annealing, sort, space, stable, stochastic, string, substring, suffix, time, traversal, tree, trees, union, word

See also Data Structures.

Artificial Intelligence

alpha beta, artificial intelligence AI, artificial neural net ANN, backtrack, checkers, chess, constraint satisfaction, game, genetic algorithm GA, machine learning, minimax, plan, prisoner's dilemma, prune, pruning, puzzle, search, tree, uncertainty

See also Algorithms, and Inductive Inference.


Art, gallery, haiku, history, museum, Music, painting, picture, prints, sculpture


2D, 3D, alignment, amino acid AA, BioInformatics, code, compression, conformation, cost, covid19 (covid-19), DNA, drug, DPA, dynamic, edit distance, evolution, evolutionary, evolve, family, fold, folding, gap, gene, genetic, homology, indel, information, intron, map, maps, mapping, MERS, MolBio, mRNA, multiple alignment, mutation, PAM, PAM250, penalty, phylogenetic, prediction, primary, protein, repeat, repetitive, resistance, restriction site mapping RSM, RNA, SARS, SARSCoV2 (SARS-CoV-2), secondary structure SS, similar, similarity, structure, substitution, tertiary, tree, trees, tRNA

All references directly in this area include the keyword MolBio. See also Algorithms, and Inductive Inference.


Conf, CFP

Some abbreviations that are used:
ACSC {Australian Comp. Sci. Conf.}, AIM {Art. Int. & Math.}, DCC {Data Compression Conf.}, ECAI {Euro. Conf. A.I.}, FPCA {Func. Prog. & Comp. Arch.}, ICFP {Int. Conf. Func. Prog.}, ISMB {Intell. Sys. Mol. Bio.}, LFP {Lisp & Func. Prog.}, HICSS {Hawaii Int. Conf. Sys. Sci.}, ICCI {Int. Conf. Comp. & Inf.}, POPL {Principles of Prog. Lang.}, STOC {Symp. Theor. Comp. Sci.}

Data Structures

array, AVL, B-tree, delete, find, graph, hash, hashing, heap, insert, list, lookup, network, Patricia, prefix, priority queue, queue, search, sequence, set, spanning, stack, string, suffix array, suffix tree, table, tree, trie, union

See also Algorithms.


art, automotive, cartoon, film, fun, funny, movie, music, radio, sail, sailing, sport, TV, yacht

Functional and Logic Programming

abstract, abstraction, applicative, by-name, by-need, circular program, closure, combinator, continuation, Curry, data type, eager, functional programming FP, Haskell, lambda calculus, lambda lifting, lazy, Lazy ML LML, lenient, lgg, logic, logic programming LP, mgu, name, need, normal form, normal order, partial evaluation, polymorphism, predicate, Prolog, propositional, referential transparency, speculative, Standard ML SML, strict, super-combinator, type, type checking, unification, unify

See also Programming Languages.


Australia, England, Europe, France, Germany, London, Melbourne, Paris, Scotland, UK, USA, www

(and other misc' locations).

Inductive Inference

Akaike AIC, algorithmic complexity AC, artificial intelligence AI, Bayes, Bayesian, binomial, classification, clustering, compression, decision graph, decision tree, distribution, entropy, estimation, expectation maximization EM, explanation, factor analysis, Fisher, Fisher information, hidden Markov model HMM, hypothesis, inductive inference II, inductive logic programming ILP, information theory IT, machine learning, Markov, Markov model, maximum likelihood, minimum description length MDL, minimum message length MML encoding, model, multinomial, multi-state distribution, NML, neural net NN ANN, normal distribution, Occam, Ockham, prior, probability, statistics, stochastic

See also Artificial Intelligence, and Bioinformatics.


Some abbreviations that are used:
ACM {Assoc. Comp. Mach.}, CACM {Comm. Assoc. Comp. Mach.}, COMPJ {(British) Comp. Jrnl.}, IEEE {Inst. Elec. & Elec. Eng.}, IPL {Inf. Proc. Lett.}, JACM {Jrnl. Assoc. Comp. Mach.}, JCSS {Jrnl. Comp. Sys. Sci.}, JME {Jrnl. Mol. Evol.}, JCSS {Jrnl. Comp. Sys. Sci.}, JRSS {Jrnl. Royal Stat. Soc}, SPE {Software Practice & Exp.}, TOPLAS {Trans. Prog. Langs & Sys.}


art, film, media, movie, music, newspaper, radio, television, TV, www

Programming Languages

Algol, applicative, by-name, by-reference, by-value, CCS, compiler, compiler compiler CC, concurrent, CSP, data type, declarative, denotational semantics, functional, imperative, implementation, inheritance, interpreter, language, message passing, MIMD, module, object oriented OO, parallel, parser, persistent, programming, programming language definition PLD, semantics, SIMD, syntax, thunk, type, type checking

Also see Functional and Logic Programming and try programming languages names.

World Wide Web

archive, bibliography, ftp, HTML, home, HREF, http, index, search engine, SGML, site, VRML, www, wwwIndex, XML


beauty, bib, bibliography, book, chaos, computer science, fractal, funny, haha, joke, KPIs, page, quiz, quote, silly, spam, spoof, text, topical, university