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Fri May 06, 2005

Compact Stellar X-ray Sources

Cambridge University Press' upcoming book will almost certainly be a must for anyone interested in white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. In the meantime, here is the table of contents with links to preprint articles on

  1. Accreting Neutron Stars and Black Holes: A Decade of Discoveries by D. Psaltis
  2. A review of rapid X-ray variability in X-ray binaries by M. van der Klis
  3. New Views of Thermonuclear Bursts by T. Strohmayer and L. Bildsten
  4. Black Hole Binaries by J. E. McClintock and R. A. Remillard
  5. Optical, ultraviolet and infrared observations of X-ray binaries by P.A. Charles and M.J. Coe
  6. Fast X-ray transients and X-ray flashes by J. Heise and J. in 't Zand
  7. Isolated neutron stars by V. Kaspi, M. Roberts and A. Harding
  8. Globular Cluster X-ray Sources by F. Verbunt and W.H.G. Lewin
  9. Jets from X-ray binaries by R. Fender
  10. X-Rays from cataclysmic variables by E. Kuulkers, A. Norton, A. Schwope and B. Warner
  11. Super soft sources by P. Kahabka
  12. Compact Stellar X-ray Sources in Normal Galaxies by G. Fabbiano and N.E. White
  13. Accretion in compact binaries by A. King
  14. Soft gamma repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars: magnetar candidates by P. Woods and C. Thompson
  15. Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts, Their Afterglows, and Their Host Galaxies by K. Hurley, R. Sari and S. G. Djorgovski
  16. Formation and Evolution of Compact Stellar X-ray Sources by T. M. Tauris and E. van den Heuvel

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