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Fri Jul 13, 2007

An X-ray jet in Circinus X-1

Sebastian did well to spot the X-ray jet in one of Norbert's 2005 zero-phase observations of the enigmatic X-ray binary Cir X-1. This source is thus the first neutron star for which an extended X-ray jet has been detected. Previously ultrarelativistic arcsecond-scale radio jets were detected by Rob Fender's group; see their 2004 Nature paper. The kinetic jet power that we infer is significantly larger than the minimum power required for the jet to inflate the large-scale radio nebula.

Read the paper (ApJ 663, L93)

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Tue Aug 10, 2004

An X-ray Jet in CH Cygni

Analysis of archival Chandra data of the symbiotic system CH Cygni reveals faint extended emission to the south, aligned with the optical and radio jets seen in earlier HST and VLA observations. CH Cygni is only the second known white dwarf with an X-ray jet, after R Aquarii.
Read the paper (ApJL 613, L61)

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