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Wed Jun 23, 2010

Timing the pulsar in IGR J00291+5934: the race is on!

IGR J00291+5934, as well as being the fastest known accretion-powered millisecond pulsar, is unusual in that it's shown repeated outbursts that have been observed by RXTE. Jake Hartman, Deepto and I had been close to submitting a terrific paper doing the phase connection between the 2004 and 2008 outbursts, when to our dismay Alessandro Patruno posted a paper (arXiv:1006.0815) with the same timing analysis. Now in a rush to get ours out, three days later came a separate analysis from Papitto et al. (arXiv:1006.1303). Finally, two days later, ours was submitted, to the Astrophysical Journal, and to arXiv:1006.1908. Of course, I think ours is best, not least because Jake did a really nice analysis which interprets the shape of the unusual double 2008 outburst in terms of the disk ionisation structure. Now it is a race to see who will get published first!

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