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Wed Sep 25, 2013

Second meeting of new ISSI burst team @ Monash

Our International Space Science Institute (ISSI) team on thermonuclear bursts called for — as with all such teams — two meetings in Bern, separated by about a year. For this team, featuring a strong contingent of members from Monash, we decided to have a mid-term meeting in Melbourne, sponsored (in part) by the Monash Centre for Astrophysics (MoCA). This inaugural "ISSI-South" meeting, held August 19—23, featured 9 team members from Germany, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Denmark and Spain, in addition to the five local team members and students.

The meeting was as usual a great chance to share recent progress and catch up with the team's activities. Highlights included the workshop dinner on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, and the windup tag-team seminar to MoCA members by team leader Andrew Cumming and myself.

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