This page lists research students that I have directly supervised for astrophysics research projects over the years.

Completed Ph.D. Theses (as main and co-supervisor 11 PhD students), over 15 HDR students. Current PhD students: 4 (in 2018)
The list below must be updated....

Ph.D. Students:

Chris Hanson (co-supervisor, 2013-2016)

Shelley Hansen (co-supervisor,2012-2016)

Marie Newington (co-supervisor, PhD awared, 2013)

Karen Lewis (co-supervisor,PhD awarded 2011)

Hamed Moradi (PhD awared, 2009)

Diana Besliu (PhD awared, 2010)

Juan Carlos Martinez (PhD awared, 2010)

Hannah Schunker (PhD awared, 2008)

Research Masters Students:

Lawrie Hanson (M.Sc.preliminary; 2012)

Robert Nilson (M.Sc., Lulea University; 2013)

Australian Honours Students:

(roughly the equivalent of a one year British M.Sc. research course with taught components)

James Zickefoose, “Life of Quasars and CR propagation”,(2003)

Sebastian Henbest, “Microquasars and boundary layers”,(2003)

Hamed Moradi,”Local Helioseismology” (2004)

Hannah Schunker, “Short temporal Variations of Local Magnetic Fields for Solar flares”, (2002)

Undergraduates and Summer Scholars

Tania McBride (Summer Scholarship, 2009)

Eloise Birchall (Summer Scholarship; 2013-2014)

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