The NDSPMHD Dusty Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics code

Associated with the publication of "Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics" in J. Comp. Phys., I made my "development" SPH code, NDSPMHD, public.

now with dust


ndspmhd-v2.0.tar.gz (183Kb) The code 21/02/2014
ndspmhd-examples-v2.0.tar.gz (184Kb) Exercises and examples associated with the code. 21/02/2014

You will also want to download and install SPLASH to be able to look at the binary output files ("nsplash" reads this format). To correctly read and visualise the dust examples in ndspmhd v2.0 you will need v2.4.0 of SPLASH or later.


If you have never used SPH before (or even if you have), you need to read the paper first (also at arXiv:1012.1885).

NDSPMHD Documentation: home | installing | running the examples | basic tutorial | references


Features include:

Note, however, that ndspmhd is not meant as a "production" SPH code in 3D, since much better codes exist for this purpose (e.g. the GADGET code by Volker Springel, and my own PHANTOM code that can be made available on request). ndspmhd is not parallel nor particularly optimised and is meant as a code for algorithmic experimentation, not production runs.

Licence/conditions of use

The code is distributed under the GNU general public licence (v2.0). The only conditions of use aside from this are that you:


Bug reports would be gratefully appreciated, but please note that I am able to provide only limited support for this code.


ndspmhd was developed as part of my PhD research at the University of Cambridge from 2001-2004. It has been used in nearly every paper I have published since and contains complete working versions of most of the algorithms I have described in print.

The history of the public code (which is maintained in a separate branch to my own version to cut out some of the extra cruft and so as to be quite stable), is as follows:

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