Betelgeuse's bow shock (by Shazrene Mohamed) galactic centre star formation (by Richard Alexander) turbulence kelvin-helmholtz instability tidal disruption warped disc



5th Apr 2019:
v2.9.0 released.

6th Apr 2018:
v2.8.0 released.

3rd May 2017:
v2.7.0 released.

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Current Status

The current release is 2.9.0 (5th April 2019) (click to see downloadable files). For a brief description of new features see the version history in the userguide. For a complete list of changes since previous versions see the change log.

Documentation (user guide):

The SPLASH userguide may be downloaded as a pdf, or by browsing the html version.

There is also a paper describing the basic algorithms implemented in SPLASH, which should be cited whenever you use SPLASH for scientific purposes (cite as Price, 2007, Publ. Astron. Soc. Aust., 24, 159-173).

SPLASH is a free and open source visualisation tool for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) simulations

Latest News

5th Apr 2019: v2.9.0 released.

This is a major and recommended release:

Get it from the download page.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some answers to frequently asked questions (including troubleshooting related to installation problems) are given here.