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Life in the Sierra de Quilmes 2015, part III. Salta Province, Argentina.



Roberto Weinberg, Monash University, Australia






Lady selling bread at Santa Maria
Don Pascual
Don Pascual of San Antonio
two children Pedro and mate
Pedro and mate.
Roni in afternoon
Don Gonzales and wife
Don Gonzales and wife at San Antonio del Cajon
arriving from Santa Maria
Daniel arriving on horse with his dogs, at San Antonio del Cajon coming from Santa Maria over the mountains
Dona Reyes in Famabalasto
Dona Reyes in 2017 in Famabalasto
Familia de Virginio
Familia de Virginio, Puesto Tolar
Pequeno David
Pablo Condori
Pablo Condori
Dona Agostina
Dona Agostina at 89 years of age, deaf and blind.
Dona Agostina and Pablo going for desayuno
Dona Agostina
Dona Maxima at El Carmen
Dona Maxima at El Carmen, close to School, in Fuerte Quemado in 2017
Dona Maxima


Pablo and family
Pablo Fabian and family at Quilmes


Puesto life

Puesto Medanito
Puesto Medanito, south of the Abra del Tomas.
Puesto Potrerillo
Puesto Potrerillo.
Puesto Tolar
Puesto Tolar, Virginio's family.
Puesto Tolar, corral
Puesto Tolar, corral.
Puesto Potrerillo, cutana
Puesto Potrerillo, notice small chair and the cutana (friction stone) used by the original inhabitants.
Puesto Potrerillo
Puesto Potrerillo.
Puesto Potrerillo, charqui hanging.
Puesto Potrerillo
Puesto Potrerillo.
Puesto Potrerillo, raisins
Puesto Potrerillo, drying raisins.
Puesto Potrerillo, table
Main table.


Hunting the puma

Viriginio with rifle
Viriginio off to hunt the puma.

...with his dogs.



Working the llama wool

preparing the wool
Pedro and son Roni preparing the woll.
preparing the wool
weaving the ropes
Weaving the ropes together into thick cords.
Stretching the rope.