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Sierra de Quilmes life, Catamarca, Argentina


Roberto Weinberg




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A cold winter evening


antithetic fracturing
Los Reyes sisters cellebrate Sunday with a family party. The two husbands took the opportunity and went out hunting a troublesome puma.


Rock salt from Puna Rock salt from Puna
An empty morning home. The lonely cat and the sizzling kettle awaits the return of the home dwellers from their morning activity for a morning mate. Transport of rock salt from the salares in Puna, bought in Santa Maria, and being carried to the animals in Ovejeria.
llama meet
Llama meet is set to dry in a lonely puesto at 3800m. Rock throwing hunting utensil made of llama wool.


cardon door frame outside over
Door frame made of cardon cactus wood. Outside oven.
cat Laguna
Cat admiring the view over Laguna from the pueso in morning sun. Laguna, a puesto and a plateau above Divisadero at 3700m: llamas in morning light.
cat Laguna
cat Laguna
Puesto life
A llama steak in on the grill. A slow evening chat with an old man in a high altitude puesto. The smell of chewed coca leaves fills the air and mixes with smoke and asado smell. A young man arrives outside with four loaded donkeys with sheep meet from Ovejeria, headed to the Cafayate market a day away down the mountain.