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Magma Mingling Features: Tynong Pluton, Victoria, Australia



Roberto Weinberg, Ian Nicholls, Kamal Regmi
Monash University, Australia



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Granite breaking up a mafic sill in the Tynong Pluton.







Mingling Mingling
a) Mafic sill intruded into a granitic chamber. The lower part of the photo marks the floor of the sill, from where granite net-veins the sill, giving rise to pillows with chilled margin. Horizontal ~20m. b) Detail of (a). Granite disrupting mafic sill forming round and irregular mafic pillows. Horizontal ~3m.
Mingling Mingling
c) Detail of (b) Mingling features. Note variation from sharp though irregular contact to more diffuse contact (upper part of photo). Note also chilled margin in round enclaves and also irregular, disrupted enclaves varying is size. d) Same as (c).
Mingling Mingling
e) Thin fingers of granite have diffuse tips against the fine-grained mafic rock. f) Irregular contacts, with Mingling on the granite (left).
Mingling Mingling
g) Nature of contact. h) Finger of granite into diorite with diffuse contact.
i) Pegmatitic pod inside diorite. Fluorite in pegmatite(?) and altered diorite.
Occeli Occeli
j) Quartz occeli surrounded by biotite? k) Quartz occeli surrounded by biotite?.