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Geology of East-Timor-Leste


Roberto Weinberg, Monash University, Australia



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  • Dili and surroundings:Aileu Formation

  • Hili Manu Peridotite

  • High-grade Aileu Fm: Suco Manatuto

  • Atauro Island


    Geology of the Aileu Formation


    Berry, R.F., Grady, A.E., Deformation and metamorphism of the Aileu Formation, north coast, East Timor, 1981,
    J. Struct. Geol., 3, 143.
    Berry, R.F. 1981, Petrology of the Hili Manu lherzolite, East Timor, J. Geol. Soc. Australia, 28, 453.



    Map of East Timor
    Geological map of the Aileu

    Geological map of the Aileu formation (from Berry 1981) covering the region between Dili and Manatuto. Its metamorphic grade increases eastwards towards Manatuto, and in the high-grade rocks close to Manatuto there is a block of intensely sheared lherzolites know as the Hili Manu lherzolite (Berry, 1981, J. Geol. Soc. Australia, 28, 453).



    Aileu Formation around Dili


    Looking WSW towards the town of Dili



    Multiple folds in Aileu close to Praia Branca and the Christ statue


    Recumbent fold with a marked
    axial planar foliation, which
    has been folded by a later folding phase.







    Hili Manu Peridotite


    Click here for petrography Literature see Berry, R.



    Hili Manu Lherzolite
    Characteristic ochre weathering
    Porphyroclasts of opx.
    Strongly sheared, fine-grained
    stretching lineration
    greenish when fresh.
    Structures in lherzolite.



    Guides from Condar


    Late fault within Lherzolite



    Branching qz+cc fault Lherzolite block in
    south (left)-side-down fault.



    Atauro Island - the Inner Banda Volcanic Arc


    Click here for petrography



    Atauro Island from Dili
    The island arc seen from
    the colliding passive margin
    only 30 km between the two.
    Our transport to the island. View towards the mountains from Vila.



    Outcrop close to Vila,
    auto-breccia aug-plag basalt.
    Close up. Petrography
    Notice the jigsaw fit of the blocks.
    Waiting for boats to arrive. Luciano
    Pereira, fisherman and family



    From Manucoco (990m)
    looking NE to Liran and Wetar.
    Coral beds at 2200ft asl
    dipping into the island (attitude NW/30SW).
    Between Vila and Macadade.



    To the market.
    The old betel nut man