I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia.
My main research interests are in Machine Learning and Data Science. I am mainly interested in Big Models, Feature Engineering and Data Science Applications.

Random News

  • Higher-order Logistic Regression for Large Data Quantities -- to be presented at SIAM2018 Paper

  • My talk on "Fast and Effective Limited Pass Learning for Large Data Quantities", Amazon Research Lab, Seattle (2017) (talk)

  • My talk on "Learning from Extremely Large Quantities of Training Data: A Detailed Study", IBM Research Melbourne Lab (2017) (talk)

  • Conducting a Workshop on "Introduction to Predictive Modelling with Machine Learning" in Melbourne Data Science Week (MedaScin2017)

  • My talk on "Fast TRON Algorithm for Logistic Regression" in SIAM SDM (2017) (SDM2017)

  • My talk on "Deep versus Broand: Artificial Neural Networks" in Australian AI Conference (2016) (AI2016)

  • My talk on "Deep Broad Learning in Machine Learning" in Monash-FIT Machine Learning Lunch Seminar Series (2016) (DBL - 2016)