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About j2c/CafeBabe from: http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/compfac/java.html#j2c

j2c by Todo Software is a translator from Java .class to C program. j2c generates C programs from .class (Java bytecode) to build an a.out (executable) executing without a Java interpreter. A standalone Java program which uses no dynamic class loading and no network resources, can be translated to a C program without losing its function. A native Java compiler is necessary for Java to be used as generic multi-purpose programming language. j2c provides instantly one possible solution.

The version in use is based on j2c/CafeBabe beta 4, it has been ported to Linux and modified to use ANSI C by Scott Milton. It has been further modifed by Petri Kutvonen to be compatible with JDK 1.02. Also the driver script drip has been rewritten.

See j2c/CafeBabe home page: http://tech.webcity.ne.jp/~andoh/java/j2c.html[11/1998]
The documentation is rather subtle and partly in Japanese.

-via Brendan [11/1998]

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