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The Java programming language, notes and examples.

Java 2
CmdLine Command-line parameters
Exp Simple parser for arithmetic expressions
Gas ideal, reversible 2-D gas simulation
GUI separating business from GUI: applications & applets
TA TextArea -> (Input|Output)Stream
Plotter simple plotter applet
Biased Longest biased interval and longest non-negative sum interval
Approx. Palindromes Finding Approximate Palindromes in Strings Quickly and Simply

Java 1
HelloWorld Mk1  
HelloWorld Mk2  
Colour Cube RGB colour cube
Snow flake curve vector graphics
Game Les' interactive match game
Skeleton buttons and text area, from Torsten
Drawing a simple drawing applet (mouse up/drag)
PolyFit polygon fitting
Tree binary trees and search trees
Oh dear, Sun Microsystem's [Java] seems to be OFF!

image computations
exec exec another process
Scope (code) inheritance v. methods & member variables
JavaScript Java - JavaScript
Chat client by David Powell
Java Documentation (limited access)
JRPIT 2000 Continuations
Notes misc', J->C

1997, L. Allison, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Australia 3800.


abstract method specfies procedure heading only
catch catch an exception as in `try{...}catch(...){...}', see try
class collection of routines and data, ~ module, template
extends form a subclass, i.e. give extra methods / vars
implements gives the implementation of an `interface'
import as in `import aPackage.aClass' or `import aPackage.*'
interface spec' only of a class, see `implements'
method routine in a class
new(someClass) create instance of class
nullreference (pointer) to a null object
packagea collection of classes, see import
private ... accessible in the class only
protected ... accessible in the class and its subclasses only
public ... accessible inside or outside a class
static variable or method is shared between class instances
super reference to superclass, gives access to its methods
thisreference to current object
try try a method that may raise an exception, see catch

The Applet Tag:

  CODEBASE="..." optional, default is relative to document or <BASE>
                 e.g. CODEBASE="SnowFlake"
  CODE="..."     required, e.g. CODE="SnowFlake.class"
  NAME="..."     optional
  WIDTH =400     say, required
  HEIGHT=400     say, required
  VSPACE=5       say, optional
  HSPACE=5       say, optional
<PARAM NAME="whatever"         e.g. NAME="order"   if applet
       VALUE="whatever_val">   e.g. VALUE=4        has param(s)

Applet, see [].

Coding Ockham's Razor, L. Allison, Springer

A Practical Introduction to Denotational Semantics, L. Allison, CUP

free op. sys.
free office suite
~ free photoshop
web browser


© L. Allison   (or as otherwise indicated),
Faculty of Information Technology (Clayton), Monash University, Australia 3800 (6/'05 was School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Fac. Info. Tech., Monash University,
was Department of Computer Science, Fac. Comp. & Info. Tech., '89 was Department of Computer Science, Fac. Sci., '68-'71 was Department of Information Science, Fac. Sci.)
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