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  • W. B. Kloke's home-page[4/1999] or home-page[12/2003] with Algol68 history, A68-related items and Ella-derived (see below) a68toc translator [4/1999]

Algol-68 to C: ctrans, ELLA

From: Andy Pryor
Newsgroups: comp.lang.misc
Subject: Re: Declarations in Algol 68
Date: 21 Feb 1996 17:14:57 +0000
Organization: Praxis plc, Bath, UK
Lines: 42
))))) On Mon, 19 Feb 1996 19:17:56 GMT, Trevor Jenkins said:
Trevor) Please somebody tell me and Pat Knight that a free and
Trevor) freely-available compiler exists somewhere out there.

An ALGOL 68 to C converter ("ctrans") is freely available as part of the public domain ELLA (hardware description language) package from DRA Malvern in: [2/1996] [4/1999]

The program is itself written in ALGOL 68, so the package contains a SunOS Sparc binary (or a set of generated C files) to get you bootstrapped.

Ctrans is a portable ALGOL 68 compilation system that allows Algol 68 programs to be compiled and run on most systems for which an ANSI C compiler is available.

The system consists of these components
Algol 68 to C translator (a68toc)
C header files providing type definitions and support macros required by the generated C code
run-time support library including garbage-collected heap allocator
an ALGOL 68 prelude library that provides interfaces to XPG3-compatible operating system facilities (note that these interfaces are not the same as the ALGOL 68 standard prelude defined in the Revised Report).

Ctrans can be easily ported to most systems that possess an ANSI C compiler (e.g. gcc), and an XPG3 standard C library.
The heap management system works best on virtual memory systems, but can be made to work in other environments.
The translator is based on the portable ALGOL 68 RS front-end implemented by RSRE (now DRA) and therefore accepts all standard RS extensions to the language (with a few exceptions).

Andy Pryor
Praxis Critical Systems                        20 Manvers St, BATH, BA1 1PX, UK
aap praxis co uk           Tel:+44 1225 739257/444700       Fax:+44 1225 739281


A68toC at [][12/2003] ~ [Greg Nunan][12/2003].

Algol68G, an Algol 68 subset interpreter, [][12/2003].

Algol 68S A68S

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 17:00:08 +0100
From: Charles Lindsey
Subject: ALGOL 68S

ALGOL 68S System

I announce the availability of a compilation system for ALGOL 68S on the following platforms.

  • Sun3
  • Sun Sparc (under SUNOS 4.1)
  • Sun SParc (under Solaris 2)
  • Atari ST (under GENDOS)
  • Acorn Archimedes (under RISCOS)

They may all be downloaded from: [6/1996]

The system is written using the Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK), so some parts of it are copyright by the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and the remainder by myself. Please see the Copyright Notice in the share directory.

The language implemented is most of ALGOL 68 (including virtually the whole of the official sublanguage). The implementation is pedantic rather than fast. See the documentation for full information.

The Sun3 and Atari versions are essentially frozen (but believed to be reliable). I would expect to be able to fix problems in the others as they arise. The system could in principle be run on any UNIX system for which the ACK provides a backend and, in particular, I would be willing to go for a Linux version if someone can offer me facilities to test it.

If you do download and install the system, please let me know. It would be nice to know who is using it and, in addition, you will get on my mailing list for any updates in the future.

Charles H. Lindsey ------------------------------------------------------------
           At Home, doing my own thing.          Internet: chl clw cs man ac uk
Voice/Fax: +44 161 437 4506                      Janet:    chl uk ac man cs clw
Snail: 5 Clerewood Ave., CHEADLE, SK8 3JU, U.K.  UUCP:     mucs!clerew!chl

1/2000, private copy of:


Package Contents

  • Compiler and tools.
  • Library sources.
  • Example sources.
  • Online documentation in .INF format.
  • Free technical support via email.

Price List

Professional Licence: UKP 490
Package as listed above for one user with royalty-free run-time licence: programs compiled with the OCCL compiler may be distributed without any fee due to OCCL.

Personal Licence: UKP 190
Package as listed above for one user but restricted run-time licence: programs compiled with the OCCL compiler may not be distributed for financial gain, but may otherwise be freely distributed.

You may upgrade to the Professional Licence by simply paying the difference.

Site Licence
One copy of the package listed above with a licence to use it on multiple workstations. We request that technical support be channelled through one nominated person. Academic sites may use the price of the personal licence as basis, otherwise use the price of the professional licence:
Users Price as multiplier
2 1.6
3-4 2
5-9 3
10-16 4
17-32 5
Please ask for a quote for larger sites such as an entire university.

You may mix versions within a site licence for a fee of UKP 50 per extra version.

Programming Algol Made Easy: UKP 30
by Dr Sian Leitch, approx 300 pages, softcover.


EEC customers must add 17.5% VAT (Value Added Tax). Non-EEC customers may be liable for import duties into their own country. We will afix a completed customs form to the package.


Cash with order for single licences, 30 days credit for site licences.
Payment should be a cheque or banker's draft drawn on a UK bank in pounds sterling and made payable to "Oxford & Cambridge Compilers Ltd".
EEC customers please note that we also accept Eurocheques.
Sorry, but we do not yet take credit cards. Other methods of payment (such as telephonic transfer) only by prior arrangement with OCCL.

Please include the following information with your order:

  • Name & Postal address
  • Email address
  • Phone number with times of availability (please include your timezone)
  • Number of copies of licence required
and send to
    Oxford & Cambridge Compilers Ltd
    55 Brampton Rd
    Cambridge CB1 3HJ
Please allow up to 30 days for processing of your order and delivery. Price includes postage and packing.
© Oxford and Cambridge Compilers Ltd., Last updated 23 Nov 1996. E & O E / [email]

From brian wichmann totalise co uk Mon Dec 15 21:56:03 2003
     ['.'s and '@']
Subject: The Algol Bulletin archive on the Internet

Thanks to Jeremy Gibbons, secretary of WG2.1, the Algol Bulletin digital archive is now on the Internet at:
This location may change and I will let you know the final site for this material (when agreed).

Brian Wichmann.

Copies: [][11/2005]

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