Eric Thrane

I am a Chief Investigator for OzGrav: the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery. The Monash OzGrav node is a vibrant research group with a diverse research portfolio, from observational gravitational-wave astronomy to population synthesis. I use astronommical data to understand how compact binaries form, to probe the fate of massive stars, and to study matter at the most extreme densities possible.

If you are a student interested in joining the Monash Gravity group, please feel free to email me to learn about current opportunities. Prospective doctoral students can find the deadlines for scholarship applications here. There are four scholarship rounds, two international (closing dates ~late March and ~late August) and two domestic (closing dates ~late May and ~late October). In order to be eligible, students need to hold a qualifying degree by (a few days after) the closing date. Following the closing date, applicants are ranked by the School and forwarded to the Faculty of Science for a second round of ranking. The results of this ranking are announced 4-6 weeks after the closing date. Applicants must go to the following link and enter an expression of interest (EOI). Attach a full CV, academic transcripts (in English), and English language documentation. If you are interested in commencing your PhD outside of the normal academic calendar, please email to discuss your options.

Resources for supervisors:

  • international student ranking google form
  • international student on moodle
  • international and domestic submission and outcome dates

    My current postgraduate students: Shanika Galaudage, Moritz Hübner, Isobel Romero-Shaw, Avi Vajpeyi

    My current honours students: Kris Walker

    Alumni: Sylvia Biscoveanu (doctoral candidate, MIT), Nick Farrow, Boris Goncharov PhD 2020 (postdoc, GSSI), Francisco Hernandez-Vivanco PhD 2021 (software engineer, CSIRO), Dr Marcus Lower (doctoral candidate, Swinburne), Ethan Payne (doctoral candidate, Caltech), Dr Lucy McNeill (postdoc, Kyoto), Dr Grant Meadors (scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory), Dr Pablo Rosado (Senior Data Scientist, EUIPO), Dr Letizia Sammut (Senior Scientific Software Engineer, CSIRO), Dr Colm Talbot PhD 2020 (postdoc, Caltech), Chris Whittle (doctoral candidate, MIT), Dr Xingjiang Zhu (Faculty, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai)

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