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   Warren Batchelor, Australian Pulp and Paper Institute, Monash University

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Welcome to my research homepage.  I am a senior lecturer in the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University.  My goal in setting up this page is to provide resources for researchers in paper and fibre science as well as showing my work.

Postgraduate and postdoctoral positions

I am part of a new ARC Linkage grant with a budget of $A1.15 million over three years .  We have available three PhD scholarships, one Masters scholarship and two postdoctoral positions.  I'm looking for academically excellent students with backgrounds in one of chemical engineering, materials engineering or science, pulp and paper science and engineering, chemistry or environmental science. Interested?  Send me an email at the address below. 

Monash University has postgraduate scholarships available. Please contact me if you are interested in applying for a project in any of my research areas.

Research and publications

Pulp and paper resources

List of recent additions

  • 22/6/9 Added 2008 Appita conference paper on refining, added 2009 Appita conference paper on mechanical properties of paper
  • 22/6/9    Redid navigation structure to remove bug
  • 8/2/9 Added Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal Endnote style written by Ulrich Hirn, TU Graz.
  • 1/2/9    Added Chapter 8 and Appendices for Jihong He thesis and added complete thesis as single PDF.
  • 31/1/2009 Updated publication list.  Added authors preprint for Mechanics of Materials paper, added PDFs of papers published in Tappi and Appita and PDFs of paper and presentation at the 2008 Progress in Paper Physics seminar
  • 18/1/2008    Updated publication list. Added preprint for 2007 Chemeca conference. Finalised Paper Physics conference page.
  • 24/10/7  Added Tappi paper on linting and 2007 International Paper Physics conference papers on the Page equation and a new method of measuring bond strength
  • 20/7/7    Added Holzforschung paper from 2006

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