Revise and Resubmit

  1. Telementoring and homeschooling during school closures: A randomized experiment in rural Bangladesh, with Hashibul Hassan, Choon Wang, and Abu Siddique, with Hashibul Hassan, Choon Wang, and Abu Siddique, Economic Journal | PAPER
  2. The partisan effect of information campaigns in "managed" elections: Evidence from Bangladesh, with Roland Hodler and Firoz Ahmed, Economic Journal
  3. Improving Women's Mental Health During a Pandemic, with Michael Vlassopoulos, Abu Siddique, Tabassum Rahman, Deb Pakrashi, and Firoz Ahmed, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics | PAPER
  4. Financial Diaries and Women’s Money Management Behavior: Evidence from an RCT, with Vy nguyen, Russell Smyth and Zabid Iqbal , Journal of Banking and Finance | PAPER
  5. Long-term impact of exposure to violent conflict: Are there gender differences? with Ratul Mahanta, Raju Mandal, Hiranya Nath, Chandarany Ouch and Dipanwita Sarkar, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization | PAPER
  6. Fishermen’s Competitiveness and Labor Market Performance: Evidence from Shrimpers in Bangladesh, with Sakiba Tasneem and Liang Choon Wang, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  7. The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, with Mushfiq Mobarak et al., PLOS Medicine

Paper Under Submission

  1. Forced Displacement, Mental Health, and Child Development: Evidence from the Rohingya Refugees, with Abu Siddique, Tabassum Rahman, Tanvir Mojumder and Tanvir Shatil | PAPER | Monash Impact Article
  2. | CDES blogpost
  3. Occupational Health and Safety: The Role of Information and Financial Linkage, funding supports from the European Union and DFID, with Wang-Sheng Lee, Margaret Triyana, and Xing Xia | PAPER
  4. Improving Hygiene and Sanitation through Parental Skill Training, with Umair Khalil and Tabassum Rahman | PAPER
  5. Centrality-based Spillover Effects in Education, with Michael Vlassopoulos, Yves Zenou and Xin Zhang | PAPER
  6. Myopic Loss Aversion and Investment Decisions: From the Laboratory to the Field, with Kazi Iqbal, John List and Vy Nguyen | PAPER
  7. Goal Setting and non-financial incentives among secondary school children in Zanzibar, with Nishith Prakash and Shwetlena Sabarwal | PAPER
  8. Can public recognition reward backfire? Field experimental evidence on the retention and performance of volunteers with social-image concerns, with M A Malek, Sakiba Tasneem and Choon Wang | PAPER
  9. Determining the Extent of Taste-Based and Statistical Discrimination: Evidence from a Field Experiment in India, with Choon Wang, Deb Pakrashi and Yves Zenou | PAPER
  10. After-school tutoring: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, with Ummul Ruthbah
  11. The Value of Information in Technology Adoption: Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh, with Philip Ushchev, Yves Zenou and Abby Zhang | PAPER

Working Papers/ Getting Ready for Submission to Journal

  1. Network Formation with Unobserved Homophily: Identification and Evidence from Bangladesh, with Jun Sung Kim, Suyong Song and Yves Zenou
  2. Teams, Organization and Education Outcomes: Evidence from a field experiment in Bangladesh, with Youjin Hahn, Yves Zenou and Eleonora Patacchini, | PAPER
  3. A Structural Model of Multigraph Formation: Social Networks in Villages, with Jun Sung Kim and Yves Zenou
  4. BRAC’s Humanitarian Play Lab Model for The Displaced Rohingya Children: A Quasi-Experimental Study, with Erum Mariam, Sakila Yesmin, Montajima Tasnim, Narayan Das, Tanvir Ahmed Mojumder, Tabassum Rahman, Tanvir Shatil, Refugee Survey Quarterly


  1. Home visits Versus Kindergarten in the Early Childhood Development: Evidence from a large scale RCTs, with John List, with John List
  2. Playful Learning Program and its effects on cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of pre-school children in Uganda and Tanzania (RCTs), in collaboration with BRAC-Africa and funding supports from Lego Foundation, with Marilyn Fleer
  3. Peer Effects with Endogenous Interactions, with Vincent Boucher and Yves Zenou
  4. Delivering remote learning using a low-tech solution: Evidence from an RCT during school closures, with Hashibul Hasan, Choon Wang and Michael Vlassopoulos
  5. Non-price Energy Conservation and Household Energy Consumption in Bangladesh, with Ahsan Zaman and Choon Wang
  6. Conflict, Violence, and Mental Health, with Marup Hossain and Abu Siddiqui

Ongoing-recently completed Field Experiments

  1. Promoting Vaccine take-up in low-income countries, with Bryant Kim, Armand Sim and Deb Pakrashi
  2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based health information for antenatal and postnatal care services in rural Bangladesh, with Firoz Ahmed, Umair Khalil, and Tabassum Rahman
  3. Women’s financial inclusion: The role of information versus peer pressure, with Marcel Fafchamps, Deb Pakrashi and Denni Tommasi
  4. Exposure to violence/displacement on preference formation of children, with Abu Siddique, Michael Vlassopoulos and Yves Zenou
  5. Social Norm and Litter Reduction: Evidence from Bangladesh, with Leslie Martin, and Teevrat Garg
  6. ‘Edutainment’ and Ethnic Discrimination, with Abu Siddique, Michael Vlassopoulos and Yves Zenou