General Information

ATMs can be found at numerous locations throughout Cairns including airports, shopping centres, and at many banks with the Cairns township. Most of the major credit cards are accepted.

Currency & Exchange
The official currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar (AUD)
Australian currency is comprised of notes and coins and are of decimal currency. In view of the currency, you may occasionally see prices such as $2.98, this figure is rounded up to the nearest five cents, in this case $3.00
Money exchanges can be found all around the city and most major tourist destinations. Banks also offering money exchanging services and cashing of travellers cheques.
Throughout Cairns you will find numerous Currency Exchange desks, most accommodation properties also have exchange Rates at reception, however, some hotels have a limit to what you can exchange.
All the major banks also offer money exchange services and cashing of travellers cheques. Your passport will be needed for indentification purposes when cashing travellers cheques.
Cashex is located at 63 Abbott Street, Cairns
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Banks and Banking Hours
Normal banking hours are Monday - Thursday 9:30am-4:00pm and Fridays 9:30-5:00pm, excluding public holidays. 24 Hour Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found throughout the City and Shopping Centres.
There are four major banks in Australia which offer a full range of banking services including currency conversions and sales of travellers cheques.

Taxis can be hailed or booked in advance. They are reasonably priced and readily available at the airport, railway stations, coach terminals and central points within the City. The Cairns Convention Centre also has a “taxi direct” telephone.

Bus transfers are available from Cairns Airport and Cairns has a public bus system that services the city, suburbs and beaches.

Major car rental companies are at the airport with many other organisations having offices in Cairns.

Excellent limousine fleets service Tropical North Queensland with everything thing from transfers to sightseeing tours.

Australia uses 240V mains electricity and use three point power sockets. Universal adapters are available from most gift stores and electrical shops around the city. Please click here to view the standard plug used within Australia, Type I
To find out more please visit Electricity World Standards

Between in the months of June-August the average temperature 18-26°C.
Generally sunny and dry although a jacket will come in handy on cooler winter nights
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