Welcome to the XII International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos site! The conference was held on the 5-10 August 2012 at the Cairns Convention Centre in Cairns, Australia.

The NICXII school was held the week before NICXII
(30/7-3/8/2012) and hosted by the Australian National University in Canberra

To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the organisers provided assurance that Nuclei in the Cosmos XII was conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the IUPAP resolution passed by the General Assembly in 2008. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.

The 75th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society was held in Cairns the week after NICXII (12-17 August 2012). More information can be found at the conference website: http://shrimp.anu.edu.au/metsoc2012/

NIC 2012 Group Photo