A Census of Small Latin Hypercubes

We count all latin cubes of order n≤6 and latin hypercubes of order n≤5 and dimension d≤5. We classify these (hyper)cubes into isotopy classes and main classes. For the same values of n and d we classify all d-ary quasigroups of order n into isomorphism classes and also count them according to the number of identity elements they possess (meaning we have counted the d-ary loops).

We also give an exact formula for the number of (isomorphism classes of) d-ary quasigroups of order 3 for every d. Then we give a number of constructions for d-ary quasigroups with a specific number of identity elements. In the process, we prove that no 3-ary loop of order n can have exactly n-1 identity elements (but no such result holds in dimensions other than 3). Finally, we give some new examples of latin cuboids which cannot be extended to latin cubes.

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