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Mon May 30, 2016

JINA-CEE International Symposium on Neutron Stars in the Multi-Messenger Era: Prospects & Challenges

In May I travelled to Athens, OH for the JINA-CEE symposium on neutron stars. This was a great week of presentations on a very wide range of astrophysics topics relating to neutron stars, including my own presentation on thermonuclear bursts, but also discussions of new & upcoming missions like NICER and ASTROSAT, progress on mass-radius measurements from bursts and cooling transients, rotation-powered pulsars, gravitational waves, you name it. The week kicked off on Sunday with a satellite workshop on Experiments for X-ray Burst Nucleosynthesis, where we reviewed the prospects for better experimental constraints on the many nuclear reactions important to thermonuclear bursts. A big thank-you to JINA-CEE for supporting my trip!

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