External Competitive Research Grants



1.        ARC Discovery Project (DP230100995): Fundamental research advancing remanufacturing with a 3D printing technique (2023-2025, $490,000)

Investigators: Profs Wenyi Yan, Bernard Rolfe and Aijun Huwang


2.        ARC Linkage Project (LP200100110): Damage Tolerance Approach in Designing and Maintaining Truck Trailers (2020-2023, $752,000)

Investigators: A/Prof Wenyi Yan; Prof Rhys Jones; Dr Mark Reid


3.        ARC Linkage Project (LP190100817): Development of laser cladding technology to maintain rails in tram networks (2020-2023, $433,506)

Investigators: A/Prof Ralph Abrahams; A/Prof Wenyi Yan; Dr Anna Paradowska; Dr Cong Qiu; Dr Thomas Schlaefer; Mr Peter Mutton


4.        ARC Linkage Project (LP160100213): Development of hierarchical carbon nanotube-glass fibre composites (2016-2019, $300,000)

Investigators: A/Prof Wenyi Yan; Dr Hong-Yuan Liu; Prof.Yiu-Wing Mai


5.        ARC Discovery Project (DP160100119): Development of nano reinforced concrete using boron nitride nanosheets (2016-2019, $520,000)

Investigators: A/Prof Wenhui Duan; Prof Guowei Ma; A/Prof Wenyi Yan; Prof Chien Ming Wang


6.        ARC ITRH Project (IH140100035): ARC Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology (2015-2019, $10M)

Investigators: Yu, A., Hapgood, K., Zhao, D., Rudman, M., Jiang, X., Selomulya, C., Zou, R., Yan, W., Zhou, Z., Guo, B., Shen, Y., Kuang, S., Chu, K., Yang, R., Zhu, H., Zeng, Q., Dong, K., Strezov, V., Wang, G., Zhao, B., Song, S., Evans, T., Mao, X., Zhu, J., Hu, D., Pan, R., Fan, L., Curtis, J., Li, J., Williams, R., Luding, S.


7.        ARC ITRH Project (IH130100008): ARC Research Hub for Transforming Australia's Manufacturing Industry through High Value Additive Manufacturing (2013-2018, $8M)

Investigators: Prof X. Wu, Prof. P. D. Hodgson, Prof. C. H. Davies, Dr. W. Yan, Dr M. A. Easton, Prof. Y.-B. Cheng, A/Prof M. S. Dargusch, A/Prof B. F. Rolfe et al.


8.        ARC Linkage Project (LP140100810): Development of a new rail maintenance technology by using laser cladding (2014-2017, $245,832)

Investigators: A/Prof R. Ibrahim, Dr W. Yan, Mr. P. J. Mutton, Prof. X. Wu et al.


9.        ARC Linkage Project (LP110100655): Plastic deformation and failure of high strength rail steels in heavy haul transportation of mineral products (2011-2013, $133,986)

Investigators: Dr W. Yan, Mr P. J. Mutton, Prof G. Kang


10.     The Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship 2010 Award: Numerical investigation of brain injury caused by blasts (2010, $13,240)

Investigator: Dr W. Yan


11.     ARC Linkage Project (LP0776913): Reducing tool wear through novel surface treatments and improved lubrication (2008-2011, $405,000)

Investigators: Prof P. D. Hodgson, Dr B. F. Rolfe, Dr W. Yan and Dr G. L. Kelly


12.     ARC Discovery Project (DP0770021): Titanium Alloy Scaffolds for Osseointegration Implant Materials (2007-2009, $330,000)

Investigators: Dr C. Wen, Dr W. Yan and Prof G. Nicholson


13.     Hong Kong RGC Grant (619705): Wear behaviour and Mechanism of Thin Film NiTi Shape Mememory Alloy at Micro-scales: Phase Transformation versus Plasticity (2006-2007, $64,000)

Investigators: Prof Q. Sun and Dr W. Yan


14.     ARC International Linkage Awards (LX0561442): Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Wear Behaviour of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy (2006-2007, $13,000)

Investigators: Dr H.-Y. Liu, Dr W. Yan and Prof Q. Sun


15.     ARC Linkage Project (LP0562720): Optimising non-explosive rock breaking technology (2006-2008, $179,688)

Investigators: Prof T. Tran-Cong, Dr W. Yan, Prof G. Baker, Mr A. J. Russell