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Wenlong Cheng, PhD


Department of Chemical Engineering
Monash University
Room 302, Building 82
20 Research Way
Clayton, Victoria 3800
Tel.: +61 3 9905 3147
Fax: +61 3 9905 5686

'Soft' biological system (such as cells) and 'hard' electronics (such as microprocessor) often play with different materials by different principles. Biological machinery mainly composes of soft materials, which is a fansinating dynamic and intelligent system. In contrast, conventional microelctronic devices are dominated by inorganic hard materials which often lack of adaptive characteristics. Now, the two seemingly unrelated systems meet at the nanoscale, affording new opportunities to build new-generation self-sustainable, evolvable optoelectronic devices with implications in both electronics and biology.

Cheng's nanobionics research laboratory focuses on the design of well-defined organically-capped metal nanoparticles (nanobionic particles) for applications in Advanced Materials, Electronics, Biology and Energy. We enable this concept through a highly interdisciplinary research program across chemistry, biology, materials science and microelectronic engineering. In particular, the main goals of the nanobionics laboratory is to synthesize plasmonic high-quality nanocrystals and conjugate them with biomolecules; rationally program synthesis of nanobionoic particles; elucidate the fundamental structure-function relationshipes; develop adaptive energy-harvesting and sensing devices.

Lab News

Postdoc position available

April 2019 - Congratulations to Qianqian for her ACS Nano paper on A General Approach to Free-Standing Nanoassemblies via Acoustic Levitation Self-Assembly!

November 2018 - Congratulations to Bowen and Shu for their joint first author Chemical Society Reviews paper on Softening Gold for Elastronics!

July 2018 - Congratulations to Shu and Yan for both of their joint first author ACS Nano paper on Unconventional Janus Properties of Enokitake-like Gold Nanowire Films and Standing Enokitake-like Nanowire Films for Highly Stretchable Elastronics. The work was well broadcasted by Australian SBS News and 9 news

April 2018 - Congratulations on Shu for winning Mollie Holman Medal - the best PhD thesis for 2017 at Monash Universisty. Well-done!

March 2018 - Congratulations on Qianqian for her Advanced Materials paper on Two-dimensional Binary Plasmonic Nanoassemblies with Semiconductor n/p-Doping-Like Properties. A new milestone achievement in 2D plasmonics.

March 2014 - Congratulations to Shu and other lab members on our recent paper in Nature Communication on Wearable pressure sensors with touch sensitivity. The work was broadcasted by BBC world Service, check out the interview here! and livescience press release

Jan 2013 - Congratuations Yi on our paper in Advanced Materials. It reports the thinnest free-standing gold nanomembranes. Check out our paper @ Advanced Materials 2013, 25, 80-85.

April 2011 - the first artiticial periodic table (plasmonic nanoparticle periodic table) was fomulated. Check out our paper @ Nature Nanotechnology 6, 268–276 (2011)


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