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Curved S-Shaped Slickenfibres

Roberto Weinberg and Gerard Tripp
Monash University, Australia



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S-shaped slickenfibers
This page shows intensely curved S-shaped carbonate and sericite slickenfibers, developed within the fault plane. Fibers are continuous over 10s of cm, even along the curved fibres, with S shapes up to 10cm tall. These fibres are found within 2.7 Ga late Archean talc-chlorite altered, ultramafic rocks exposed in the Porphyry gold deposit open pit, part of the Kalgoorlie terrane, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.


slickenlines, slickenfibers

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Sketch of slickesides on steep wall where inside the Porphyry gold deposit. There are several slickenside on top of each other, and there is a large number of slickenline orientations. Each slickenside is only as thick as the fibres, and the some fibers are intensely curved within the plane. Lines in sketch indicate slickenlines. Small boxes indicate areas with intensely curved slickenlines.


S-curved fibers

slickenlines, slickenfibers
A) Curved S-shaped carbonate slickenfibers.
Upper and lower box show curved areas.
Note a range of slickenfiber orientations.
slickenlines, slickenfibers
B) Detail of the lower box in A)



slickenlines, slickenfibers
C) Curved fibers in the upper
box in A)
slickenlines, slickenfibers
D) Detail of C) showing
S-shaped fibres
slickenlines, slickenfibers
E) Same as D) with added
lines to depict fibers



slickenlines, slickenfibers
A) Another S-shaped slickenfibre
slickenlines, slickenfibers
B) Detail of A)



slickenlines, slickenfibers
A) Another curved slickenfibre
slickenlines, slickenfibers
B) Same with line indicating curved fiber





Steronets depicting the fibres and the planes which include them