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Main Karakoram Thrust at Khalsar: Nubra-Shyok Confluence


Roberto Weinberg
Monash University, Australia



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Nubra-Shyok Confluence: Merging the Karakoram Shear Zone with the Main Karakoram Thrust


Main Karakoram Thrust: in the Khalsar gorge there is a well-exposed thrust plane that is part of the Main Karakoram Thrust, where greenschist facies schists are thrusted upon well-preserved, unmetamorphosed rocks of the Khardung volcanics (see Weinberg, et al., 2000, J. Geol. Soc. London, Special Publ. 170, 253-275). The thrust trends approximately 300/60N.
Part I. Main Karakoram Thrust: Khalsar Thrust
Figure 1A: Muscovite schist thrusted onto red Khardung volcanics, south of the Khalsar Loop, Khalsar valley, looking east. Thrust plane attitude ~ 300/60N.

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Figure 1B: Sharp thrust plane.
Figure 1C: Sharp thrust plane.
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Figure 1D: Sharp plane showing a 20 cm wide alteration zone. Khardung volcanics are brecciated over 2 m wide. Figure 1E: Khardung volcanics breccia on footwall of Khalsar thrust.
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Figure 1F: Muscovite schist, thrusted to the SW, right. Figure 1G: Detail of muscovite schist, thrusted to the SW, right.